Cammack Weather Resistant Chinchilla Hutch with Ramp

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Give your furry friend a comfortable and safe place to call home with this Raised Painted Deluxe Wood Hutch with Run. It will provide your pets with ample space to exercise and move around. The raised habitat with locking doors protects your small animals from the elements as well as from predators. An internal ramp provides quick and easy access to the enclosed hutch from the run. Four locking doors on the exterior of the hutch give you convenient access to the run and enclosure for cleaning, feeding, and other tasks. You and your pets will love the modern convenience of this Hutch!

What's Included?



Slide Out Tray


High quality fir wood hutch with elevated living space, run, ramp, and doors

Anti-UV and weather resistant asphalt roof protects from inclement weather

Raised hutch keeps your small animals safe, dry, and warm

Non slip ramp for rabbits to move quickly from outdoor run to indoor area

Removable bottom sliding tray for easy cleaning

Lockable doors allow easy access to the interior

Durable chicken wire protects your pets from predators

Product Details

Suitable Animal: Rabbit

Primary Material: Solid Wood

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